The circle of life is all wrong

A fact is that a circle of life should not be like it is at the moment. The path of life should go in the opposite direction as we know it – from older years to birth (and beyond).

  • At first, anyone should experience death.
  • Then you should go to home of the elderly.
  • They would throw you out, because you would be too young.
  • You would start to collect your pension money, retire and start to work.
  • Then you would have to work for 40 years, until you are young enough to attend high school lectures.
  • During your study you would party hard all the time.
  • After you would become tired of it all, you would go to elementary school, and kinder garden afterwards.
  • When you’d leave kinder garden, you would stay at home with your parents.
  • Now, there’s nine months of luxury in front of you: All you can eat, central heating, sleeping all the time…

And you would finish your existence as an orgasm!

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