Funny T-shirt captions

T-shirts with captions, titles and slogans have been around for ages. They can be very efficient way of expressing yourself, promoting your business or to simply have something funny drawn or written on your chest and back. It can also be used for engaging with people, for instance: you can wear a T-shirt with text saying “Smile if you like me :) ” and ask a random person (you find attractive) what does he/she think. You can be certain that this will make a person smile, even if just a tiny bit. Now you can smile and say “Great! I like you too! Would you join me for a walk/drink/random chat?” and proceed with chatting. There, initial tension is broken and you can simply enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

So, this is one possible scenario with funny t-shirt captions – but there can be a myriad more. You can simply annoy people with t-shirt having “How do you recognize an idiot? Read the back” text on your chest. On your back you have a text “How do you recognize an idiot? Read the front“. Well, curiousity is very strong emotion, so you wouldn’t need much time to run into a person who will make at least one circle around you.

So, funny t-shirt captions can be really fun way to meet, entertain or simply annoy other people.

Check some of them:

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