Green vegetables

Sandy said to his friend Ron, 'My wife sent me to the greengrocer's to buy some green vegetables."

'So were you able to find some?" asked Ron.

'Well, when I reached the shop, I asked the manager, 'My wife wants some green vegetables. Have they been sprayed with any harmful chemicals?''

Sandy continued, 'The shopkeeper told me, 'No, why don't you do it yourself.'
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Indian Premier League

A man enters a pub with his dog. The Indian Premier League Cricket match is on between the Mumbai Indians & the Delhi Daredevils. He settles himself & asks the bartender how the star performer Sachin Tendulkar is doing. The bartender says Sachin hit a half century. The dog jumps up, and runs around the bar-stool 50 times.

After another half an hour, the bartender reports that Sachin hit a century. The dog reacts by jumping up again and running around the bar-stool a hundred times.

The bartender is amazed & says, "That dog of yours is something! What does he do if Sachin Tendulkar's team wins?

"I don't know", says the man, "I've only had him for 3 years!"
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Bank robbery-Funny joke

There was a bank robbery and the Chief of Police ordered the sergeant to cover all exit points so that none of the robbers could get away.

When the Sergent reported to the Chief that all the robbers had escaped, the Chief went mad with anger & shouted, "Didn't I tell you to cover all the exit points??"

"I did," defended the sergeant, "but they managed to escape through the entrance."
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Really funny jokes-Divorce is easy

Sam : You know what, it's really easy to get a divorce in the Middle East. A man is just required to say "I divorce you" to his wife 3 times and it's done!

Jack : It's even easier in the US. All a man has to say is "Yeah, that dress makes your butt look fat" once
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Funny jokes-The replacement

Harry who played trombone in the opera was in a fix. He had committed himself to another act at his sister's party on the same day he had to play in the opera. He tried hard but could not find a replacement. Finally he approached his household help and convinced him to do the replacement. "You can take my other trombone. Just watch what the guy next to you is doing and it would be all right".

Next morning he asked the household help how it went.

"It was a Catastrophe. Your colleague also sent his household help to replace him".
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Hilarious jokes-Toss a coin

Peter had planned on watching the football game with his friend Harry.

Peter arrived late and the game had already started. Harry asked him, "What kept you?"

Peter replied, "I could not make up my mind between going to church and going to the football game. So I tossed a coin."

"So what took you so long?" asked Harry.

Peter answered,"I had to toss it 40 times."
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Funny jokes-Do you know

Teacher: “Jasper, what is this thing they call Twitter?”

Jasper: “What do you think it is, Mam?”

Teacher: “I don’t think, I KNOW!”

Jasper: “I don’t think I know either, Mam!”
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