Build a bridge from America to Europe

One day, Manfred (who was very religious guy) was walking down the beach.

At one point he said: “Oh god, please make my wish come true. One wish only…”. All of a sudden there was a thunderstrike and the god himself appears, saying: “Manfred, you’ve been a very good person your whole life. You’ve done many good things and helped others who were in need. I’ll be glad to do you a favor!”

Manfred (afraid of expressing his wish directly): “Well… My wish is very unusual… I don’t think you’ll be able to make it come true…”
God: “I’m almighty. I can do anything, especially because I know that you are a good man. You have a good paying job. You have a happy family with a wife and kids who love you very much. How can I help you?”
Manfred: “I’d like a bridge between America and Europe. And make sure that there are at least 6 lanes, so there won’t be any traffic jams. Furthermore, the bridge must have separate lanes for motorbikes, bicycle riders and pedestrians. And there needs to be a parking lot with hotels and restaurants every 100 miles.”
God replies:A man can’t fulfill your wish, but I most certainly can. But think again for a moment. The ocean is almost 3 miles deep at some points. By building a bridge I might endanger the lives of other living beings… Manfred, I was expecting something less materialistic from you, since you are very understanding person…”
Manfred: “Ok, I have another wish. But I really don’t believe you’ll manage to grant me…”
God replies: “I am god! I can do anything!”
Manfred continues: “Ok… I’d like to understand women. I would like to understand, why are they sometimes in a bad mood without any real reason. What are they thinking about when they’re just looking at me and says nothing…”

God asks: “Well… what kind of lights would you like on that bridge again?”

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