The bus driver

Manfred applies for a new job as a bus driver. His boss explains all the details about his work:

Boss: “Manfred, as a bus driver you will be responsible for arriving on time, safe driving, kindly greeting people, helping older people to get on or off the bus and you’ll need to sell bus tickets as well. You will also be responsible for this bus, because it’s one of our best!

Manfred agrees and arrives for work the very next day. He gets to his state of the art bus and starts with the work he was given. Three hours later the boss gets the call, that Manfred had an accident and made the bus a complete wreck. He rushes to the accident scene, looks for Manfred and starts screaming at him:

Boss: “What exactly were you doing?! You are responsible for the passengers safety as well as for the vehicle!
Manfred: “I was selling tickets at the back…

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