Christopher Columbus discovered America because he wasn’t married

A fact is that Columbus discovered America only because he was not married.

If he was, his wife would probably be pestering him with these questions:

  • “Why do you have to go? Is there nobody else capable of sailing?”
  • “Why don’t they send somebody else?”
  • “Are you the only one? Can’t they do anything without you?”
  • “Are you crazy or just stupid?”
  • “Can’t you see? They’re just using you!”
  • “You haven’t even met my family and you’re off to search for the New World?!”
  • “What are you hiding from me? You don’t even know where are you going! And what do you mean by ‘the Earth is round’?”
  • “There are going to be only men on the ship? Do you really think I’m that stupid?”
  • “If you’re in charge, how come I can’t come along? You never take me nowhere!”
  • “You poor thing… Did you run out of excuses for leaving the house?”
  • “If you do one more step, I’ll move back to my mother!”
  • “Who is this Maria and what does she want?!”
  • “You have it all planned out! You are meeting the easy girls from India! How dumb do you think I am?!”
  • “What’s that? The queen is selling her jewelry just to finance your trip? What’s up with you two?”
  • “You’re not leaving and that is final! Nothing will change if the world stays flat!”
  • “Don’t dress up. You’re not going anywhere!”

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