Bunny and smoking

A bunny goes to a beach and lights a cigarette. Since he was a newbie smoker the effect was stronger than it usually is. So he was lying on a nearby rock and a goldfish came to check what’s wrong:

Goldfish: “Hey dude, are you OK?”
Bunny (slightly stoned) : “Yeah, man… Just a bit tired…”
Goldfish: “What are you doing?”
Bunny: “I got a pack of cigarettes and I lit one. It makes you kind of dizzy, but very relaxing.”
Goldfish: “Can I try?”
Bunny: “Of course! You just inhale big time, swim underwater for a while and then exhale.”

The goldfish does as told and meets a whale during swimming – so he explains the whole thing to a whale as well. A few moments later a whale comes to a bunny and wakes him up, since he dosed off. The bunny wakes up, sees the whale and screams his lungs out:

Bunny: “Goldfish, exhale, exhale!! “

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