At the mental hospital

A psychiatrist is sitting in his clinic all by himself. Even the nurse just took a break, so there is really no one nearby. To make a long story short – he was bored more than ever before. At one moment his door open and a man with a wire between his teeth crawls in the clinic, right behind the doctor. The guy was moaning something with the wire in his mouth, so the doctor didn’t understand a word he was trying to say.

So he turns to the crawling man:

Doctor: “Oh, who do we have here? Is this a little snake slithering around? Come in here, doctor will help you.”

A guy (still on his all four) yells something unrecognizable and shakes his head.

Doctor: “Oh, maybe you are a little turtle who came by for a talkie talkie?”

Guy replies even louder and shakes his head even more intense.

Doctor: “Who are you then? Are you a little wormy who really needs a conversation…”

Now a guy flips out, spits the cable and says:

Guy: “Oh, come on! I just came to install the internet cable!”

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