Girlfriend phone call

One night I was watching TV at home, when the phone rang…

Me: “Hello?”
Girl: “Can I speak to Mike, please?”
Me: “I’m sorry, but he’s not home at the moment. May I take the message?”
Girl: “Do you know when he’ll be back?”
Me: “Around 10pm, I think.”
Girl (confused): “Is that you, Peter?”

Of course my name is not Peter and I don’t have any roommates. I don’t even know anyone named Mike. Clearly, this was a wrong number. But I played along.

Me: “Of course! Will you leave a message for Mike?”
Girl (slightly upset): “Well, he told me that he’ll be at home tonight and asked me to call him…”
Me: “Well, he left with a girl named Stacy about an hour ago. He said he’ll be home at 10pm.”
Girl (shocked): “Who is Stacy?!”
Me: “A girl he went out with…”
Girl: “Right! I think… who is she?”
Me: “I don’t know her last name. Listen, are you going to leave a message for Mike or not?”
Girl: “Yes, of course. Tell him to call me when he returns home…”

She sounded very nervous and I could see her temper exploding.

Me: “Sure, I’ll tell him. Are you Monica?”
Girl (freaks out): “Who is Monica?!”

Ok, I guess she isn’t Monica…

Me: “Well, as far as I know he has a date with Monica at 10pm… I thought you were her, sorry…”
Girl: “Mike made a big mistake! Tell him that Ann called and that she wants him to return the call ASAP!”
Me: “Ok, I’ll tel him. But I think that Lisa won’t be thrilled about that…”

A moment of silence on the other side of the phone and then she hung up.

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