Johnny wants to go to highschool

Johnny wants to talk to his teacher, so he asks her if they can exchange a few words after class. She agrees.

Teacher: “Ok, Johnny, how may I help you?”
Johnny: “I believe I’m too smart to stay in this grade. I would like to be moved directly to high school, because it’s boring here.”

She agrees one more time and notifies the principal. The principal proposes a test to prove Johnny’s intelligence and knowledge. So it begins:

Principal: “Johnny, let’s see. What is 3 x 4?”
Johnny: “12!”
Principal: “What is 6 x 6?”
Johnny: “36!”
Principal: “The capital of Japan?”
Johnny: “Tokio.”

And they continue taking this test for more than half an hour – and Johnny makes no mistakes, his answers are perfect. The principal is satisfied, but the teacher jumps in and wants to add a few questions on her own. The principal agrees.

Teacher: “Ok, let’s try some general questions. Cow has four of them, but I have two. What am I talking about?”
Johnny: “Legs.”
Teacher: “Correct. What can we find in your pants, but not in mine?”
A principal is surprised and kind of embarrassed…
Johnny: “Pockets.”
Teacher: “Correct again! Where do women have the curliest hair?”
Johnny: “In Africa!”
Teacher: “What is soft but becomes hard in women’s hands?”
Johnny: “A nail polish!”
Teacher: “What do men and women in the middle of their legs?”
Johnny: “Knees!”
Teacher: “If you compare married and single women – married woman has a wider… what?”
Johnny: “A wider bed!”
Teacher: “Which part of my body is wet most of the time?”
Johnny: “Your tongue!”
Teacher: “What starts with the letter ‘t’ and names something, that men like to watch?”
Johnny: “A (skin) tan!”

The principal is left speechless, and he decides to end this test. He turns to the Johnny, and says: “I’m not sending you to high school, but directly to college. Even I would answer all of the questions wrong!”

The moral of the story: “A person gets more pervert as he grows up!

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