An attorney was driving around in his limo, when he just saw two men eating grass. They got attorneys attention, so he told his driver to pull over. He then approached both men and asked:

Attorney: “How come you’re eating grass?”
Man 1: “We are poor and don’t have anything to eat. So we eat grass…”
Attorney: “Is that so…? I’ll can provide more food if you come with me!”
Man 1: “Really? But, I have wife and kids as well…”
Attorney: “Bring them along!”
Man 2: “I have a wife and 4 kids…”
Attorney: “Call them here as well!”

So they all pack in the limo and head towards the attorneys home.

Man 1: “You’re most kind for taking us with you!”
Attorney: “I’m sure, you’ll like my backyard – the grass is almost 2 feet high!”

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