The retirement party jokes

A lot of people enter retirement with a bit of sadness and depression. They see the it as the »beginning of the end«, as a surrender to fate and being left to the mercy of the time itself. And it is our duty as a coworker, friend or family not to rub their nose at it and to let them know that it’s a milestone in everybody’s life.

To light up the atmosphere invited people can do various things and bring funny items as a gift. But (I can’t stress this enough!) do not overdo it! It might put a person in a sad mood, since the party itself is very emotional for the individual.

One of the possible gestures is to call him “Grandfather” everytime some wants anything from him. When you talk to him, talk slowly and louder than usual. A possible funny gift is a pink clown wig with attached note that says »For the future – Just in case«. If he/she for any reason does not accept it, you can offer a paper bag (with holes for eyes) instead. But, as said before, be careful not to insult him/her – so have backup jokes and gestures ready.

These are just a few suggestions how to create more relaxing and entertaining mood at the party using jokes and funny gifts. Nevertheless, a coworker of yours is leaving his workplace, so it’s your job to create some beautiful memories in order to be remembered as a great collegue from start to retirement.

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